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Employability Enhancement Program

The Employability Enhancement Program

Need to improve your skills to be employable? Talk to us today

Why HireMee's
Employability Enhancement Program?



  1. Unawareness of students regarding opportunities
  2. Employers today look for a set of varied but specific skills
  3. Vacancies are numerous; one must be job-ready

Employability Enhancement Program Advantages

  1. Strategically designed learning tracks to make students job-ready
  2. Know what skills particular employers seek
  3. Get prompt notifications regarding relevant vacancies

HireMee's Employability Enhancement Program - Features

Employability Enhancement Program Features

Diagnostic Assessment

Scientific tests and the use of a complex algorithm to uncover a student's true potential, further, Identifying the areas needing improvement.

Learning Tracks

Every opportunity seeks a particular set of skills acquiring which, in turn, calls for a specific learning pathway. We find the right path for you that will take you to your coveted destination.


Give exposure through sessions conducted by Industry experts.

Recruitment Calendar

A series of dates giving you a glimpse of various job events conducted by HireMee.

Programming Practice

Get access to a series of coding sessions which also comes with solutions. You can also brush up on your skills by reading our tutorials and knowing about interview questions asked at companies.

Digital Profile

A clickable online profile with remarkable features like Aptitude test scores, IT skill sets acquired, and the learning path adopted.

HireMee's Employability Enhancement Program - Benefits

Employability Enhancement Program benefits

1. Know your strength and weakness and create your placement strategy

2. Get customized learning paths to improve your skills in a structured manner

3. Avoid wasting time in figuring out where & what to study.

4. Assess yourself regularly and become better everyday

5. Get sectional and full assessment to gauge your skills

6. Learn from your mistakes using detailed solutions

Employability Enhancement Program benefits

7. Know where you stand in your college, region and country

8. Interact and learn from industry expert

9. Get tips and tricks to ace the online test, group discussions, coding rounds and interviews

10. Get your doubts answered by people who have been there, done that

11. Target and focus your preparation on your dream company

12. Know when and where the companies are conducting recruitment drives

Employability Enhancement Program benefits

13. Get referred to 150+ top companies who are recruiting

14. Practice programming questions in a real-time test environment

15. Avoid surprises in the online coding test by covering all that you need to know

16. Create your digital identity for recruitment

17. Get unlimited access for a year

18. Get alerts and notification for any update

Employability Enhancement Program Learning Tracks

Select any one track at a time and start improving your skills

IT Career Track

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Core Domain Career Track

  1. Mechanical
  2. Civil
  3. Electrical

Generic Career Track

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. BPO


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Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What is Employability Enhancement Program ?

HireMee Employability Enhancement Program is India's largest & the most unique employability improvement program by all parameters. With Employability Enhancement Program, you can understand, based on evidence, your shortfalls; and systematically improve your performance.

Q2. What Topics Employability Enhancement Program covers?

Aptitude, Programming practice, Jobinars

Q3. Once I subscribe to Employability Enhancement Program, will the final score be valid for all companies which accept the Employability Enhancement Program?

All scores are valid for all companies that accept Employability Enhancement Program. However, different companies use different selection criteria to shortlist/select candidates for interviews. The criteria can be related to your academic score, aptitude score in different section, IT Skills, etc. It is suggested that you also work upon your academic score along with Gold score.

Q4. What is the duration of Employability Enhancement Program?

Employability Enhancement Program is a 60 Day program. A student who is able to devote an hour of reading time each day will be able to successfully complete Employability Enhancement Program.

Q5. Who should take up Employability Enhancement Program?

Employability Enhancement Program is available to all students in the 6th, 7th or 8th Semester of graduation.

Q6. What is a Learning Track?

Primary reason to the low employment ratio in India is the fact that most of the Engineering students (or any graduation for that matter) are clueless about career choices. This is due to the lack of exposure to various careers available in India. Second comes another fact that the aptitude of candidates do not match with available careers. Learning track gives you a glimpse of jobs available in specific sectors such as IT, ITES, Sales, Core domain, etc. Then it carefully matches your skill with the available jobs and suggests you the right career path.

Q7. I have taken the Employability Enhancement Program Final Assessment. Now what should I do to start getting job interviews?

Your score will be shared with partner companies for short-listing. If you are shortlisted, you will receive a communication from HireMee or the company through email. You can also refer to the job calendar and refer to the job events for applying.

Q8. We are interested in organizing Employability Enhancement Program at our college. Whom should we contact?

Employability Enhancement Program can be organized at your college if you have at least 75 students. You can submit a request to us through your placement officer.

Q9. Where do I need to pay for Employability Enhancement Program?

Please get in touch with your college or contact us for payment related queries.

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