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Take the HireMee Free Employability Assessment and get a chance to participate in the Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI)

Global Mentorship program
  • HireMee has now partnered with GMI to offer the Global Mentorship Online Program

    Every fresh graduate dream of landing a high-paying and meaningful job. To provide you with the best mentors in the world, who can make your dream come true, HireMee joined hands with Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI). Seize the opportunity to join the prestigious Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) by participating in HireMee's Free Employability Assessment. This unique collaboration offers a pathway to enhance your career prospects. Successful candidates from the employability assessment will earn a chance in the GMI program, where they will receive valuable mentorship and guidance from industry leaders. As a HireMee's candidate, you can benefit from a 1-to-1 online mentorship with a volunteer mentor, to prepare you for your first professional career.

    About HireMee's Free Employability Assessment:

    The HireMee Assessment will provide access to more than 1500+ companies and allow them to submit their comprehensive digital resume to top recruiters in the country.  You can explore 4615+ current job openings on our jobs page.

    HireMee has over 1,320,000+ candidates registered and has assessed 720,840+ individuals. The platform has provided 280,010+ opportunities and has collaborated with 10,183+ colleges. Additionally, 6,104+ corporates are registered with HireMee, emphasizing its extensive reach and impact in connecting talent with opportunities.

    About GMI and the Mentorship Program:

    GMI is a non-profit organization that provides online, career-focused mentorship to students, refugees, and early career seekers. This mentorship will help you prepare for your first job, walking you through the process of making a professional career.

    The GMI program consists of 12 one-hour remote sessions with a mentor and follows a program designed to help you connect with recruiters and hiring managers, find your ideal job, and become confident and competitive during the interview process.

    GMI mentors are professionals in their industry who have a passion for helping fresh graduates or entry-level employees in today’s fiercely competitive job market. Being leaders and experts in their areas, they understand the strategies that are needed to define and achieve your career goals.

    Why go with a GMI mentorship?

    • One of the biggest international mentorship programs, GMI assists underprivileged and refugee students in landing their first employment.
    • Over the span of the last four years, our mentorship program has helped almost 6000+ candidates from more than 100+ countries.
    • GMI have about 4500+ volunteer mentors from leading organization, such as like Microsoft, NTT Data, Clarivate, LinkedIn, Genpact, etc.
    76% of candidates in 2022 and 74% of candidates in 2023 were employed through GMI mentor program within next six months.

    During this 12-week mentorship, you will learn to:

    Establish a network of professional contacts via LinkedIn.
    • Learn how to effectively use AI tools to enhance your career journey.
    • Understand communication strategies to help you adapt to today’s global business environment.
    • Build a career plan and determine measurable goals.
    Create a resume that stands out from the crowd using keywords.
    • Search for your ideal job using templates, guides, and your professional network.
    Master the job interview process including learning to answer tough questions with confidence.
    • Understand how companies evaluate their employees and how to distinguish yourself on the job.
    • Receive a certificate of completion of the GMI Program.

    Who is Eligible to Apply?

    • Must be proficient in either English or French
    • Must be between the ages of 20-35 at time of application.
    • Within your final 2 years of a bachelor’s degree, final year of an associate’s degree, or recently graduated and working towards obtaining your first professional career. 
    • Must NOT have more than 3 years working in a professional career environment. 
    • Must have access to a video capable laptop or PC with internet connection for all sessions. 

    How to Participate?

    For New User/ Existing User:  Register --> Check your mail and follow the instructions --> Update your profile --> Take the assessment

    Note: If you have taken the HireMee's Free Employability Assessment in the last 6 months, you need to register for the program, but you need not to take the assessment again. Your scores will automatically be considered for the program.

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