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Virtual Entrance Exam

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entrance exam platform

A Platform Designed for Virtual Entrance Exam

Virtual entrance exam platform brings to you a sense of security with our AI enabled proctoring mechanism. You can use the services of the team of our assessment experts to design your entrance examinations. Our question banks with their high volume of questions from varied topics give you the option of creating an effective assessment design.


Conduct any entrance exam – anytime & anywhere


Cheat proof online standardized testing platform with three-layered AI proctoring


Conduct thousands of entrance tests at ease


Our world class support team ensures a smooth transition from offline to online entrance test

Why Choose Virtual Entrance Exam?

Schedule the entrance test as per convenience!

Tune the Entrance duration and invite thousands of students to take multiple exams in a single shot - no restrictions whatsoever

Organize your question banks

Create questions directly on the platform or use bulk excel uploads to add your existing question-pool in seconds

100% Customizable

Organize your question banks in question pools, use bulk upload and track students live while they are taking the exams

Conduct entrance exams even with slow internet

Students can take the Entrance Test in as low as 512kbps internet speed

Question flagging

Students can flag the questions and return to them later

Time tracking

Students can track the time left during the entrance and plan accordingly

Bulk reports at your disposal

Bulk reports can be downloaded in Excel Sheets for quick analysis and score display

Entrance scripts

Entrance scripts with question wise analytics available for granular analytics

Image proctoring

Image proctoring reports available with logs and photo shots with time lapse videos


Students can see their score and give feedback at the end of the entrance.

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