Frequently asked Questions

HireMee is a state-of-the-art web portal and mobile app that connects companies and recruiters with students all over India. It is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by a reputed group of companies and, hence, offers services totally free of charge.

HireMee has an extensive database of pre-assessed college graduates from all over India. Each student also has a video profile. There is an exhaustive database of companies and recruiters too.

Fresh graduates across all disciplines can register with HireMee’s mobile app and website.

Yes, candidates and recruiters can register through the website using a separate user login.

Yes, registration is allowed through both the HireMee mobile app and website.

No, Hiremee does not charge fees for any service from candidates, colleges, or corporates.

HireMee makes the recruitment process easier and faster. Companies get access to pre-assessed fresh graduates from colleges all over India. The skill assessment process each candidate goes through is backed by leading industrial experts and academicians. The result is a detailed report for each student with a 7-digit HireMee score that gives recruiters a clear idea of each student’s verbal, logical, analytical, quantitative aptitude, communication, technical (general), and technical (programming) skills.

HireMee also has video profiles for each student which provides an even clearer picture for recruiters of a candidate’s communication skills, confidence, and attitude.

All of this helps companies screen and shortlist candidates directly through the web portal or mobile app, thus saving time, effort, and money.

HireMee helps colleges by connecting their graduates with companies all over India, making placements easier and faster.

HireMee helps students highlight their skills, abilities, and interests to potential recruiters through their video profiles and the skill assessment process, through which they are assigned a 7-digit score. It also helps them get shortlisted directly through the website or mobile app, thus making placements easier and faster.

If you experience any technical issues, you can send us an e-mail at We will ensure that your problem is addressed within one business day.

For companies: Go to the link fill in the details.

For colleges: Go to the link fill in the details

Go to your specific login page (companies/recruiters/colleges/candidates) and log in using the registered e-mail ID and password.

Please follow the steps below to recover your password.
1. Go to the website
2. Go to the respective login page.
3. Click on “Forgot Password”.
4. Enter the e-mail ID used for registration.
5. You will get an e-mail to reset your password.
If you still face any issues, please send us an e-mail at Our technical support team will get in touch with you.

If you have any difficulty to log into the Hiremee website, please contact your company admin who is charge of the HireMee account.

If you have any difficulty to log into the Hiremee website, please send us an e-mail at Our technical support team will get in touch with you.

Your request will be addressed within one business day.

Our Mission
  • To optimize recruitment process using App/Web based technologies.
  • To increase reach of Corporates in the recruitment process.
  • To minimize operational & logistics cost for corporates/educational institutions towards campus recruitment process.
  • To assist Corporates through scientifically administered assessments that would enable easy recruitment just in time and support them in their learning and development process.
  • To identify skill gaps to administer appropriate skill-development programs and make candidates job-ready.
  • To Support and facilitate online learning and examinations for Educational institutions.
Our Vision
To be a top global job enablement platform revitalizing the recruitment process, linking students/applicants specifically in remote areas to recruiters using the latest technology and become the most reliable SaaS platform, enabling capability enhancement through innovative digital methods for every constituent of the value chain in Education, Skills and Industries.