HireMee Testimonials

"HireMee has been a great experience for our students and the college. HireMee helped us understand where our students stand and showed us areas where they needed additional training. From the demo session to the exam, your team has been a tremendous support to us."

Ramakrishnan & Naveen Kumar,

Placement Officer
Salem College of Engineering and Technology

The selection process of your company looks unique. It is automated, lean and agile. From the PO's perspective, it ensures that every data is uploaded by the student and ensures its accuracy. From the student's perspective, the experience is seamless as he can upload data from anywhere. It saves time and brings in ownership from every participant. A path-breaking app and portal.


Training & Placement Officer
Nandha Educational Institutions, Erode

The HireMee platform gave us an opportunity to showcase our talents which in turn resulted in getting placed in our dream company. The job assessment test was very useful to us. It helped us to reach our job goals. The assessment platform is innovative and allowed us to upload 20-second video resumes. Thank you for introducing us to such a helpful platform.


Final Year CSE
Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering

I got selected for Vee Technologies through the HireMee Platform. I would like to thank you for such a platform which tests all the skills needed by recruiters. The HireMee app is more like a social network with a lot of interesting features which makes the job search easier.

Ramya Sree,

First Year CSE
Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering

Hiremee is a good platform for freshers seeking placement in reputed companies. The Hiremee platform has such an environment with more than 30 companies. The assessments tests the subject knowledge and mathematical knowledge of the candidate. The subject related questions are simple and logical. There is also a phase where they test our positive attitude.


The Hiremee exam was beneficial in many ways. By writing this exam we could improve our skills and knowledge. We get many great opportunities just by taking this assessment.

Karishma Shaik

The Hiremee online test enables the students to get shortlisted for further rounds without any written test, hence it is useful. Also, the Hiremee app provides various updates about jobs once the student is registered in it.


The HireMee assessment was a great opportunity for students to bring out their knowledge. The HireMee team conducted the test in a completely digital manner. On the basis of my HireMee score I have been selected in the campus drive and for this, I am very thankful to "HireMee".

Manisha Maheswari,

ECET College, Velur

The Hiremee assessment test helps students to showcase their talents and also helps them to know the areas where they are strong as well as weak. That helps us improve the areas in which we are weak. Based on the Hiremee score the recruiters can save their time. I am very thankful to Hiremee as I got a good job in Vee Technologies because of this.

Fathima Shaik,

Eluru College of Engineering and Technology, Eluru