How useful are Online Assessment tests in hiring

How useful are Online Assessment tests in hiring?

Hiring new candidates is always challenging. From sourcing to selecting, there are a plethora of factors that go into hiring a suitable candidate. This also involves looking into the right set of skills and assessing the behavior of the candidate. These factors are among the most important factors when it comes to screening a candidate, and they are obvious as they seem.

As a hiring manager, ask yourself – “What trait of the candidate matters the most to me?”

Is it attention to details or technical skills? The filter criteria can vary according to the needs of the job, but irrespective of the job types, any hiring manager has one common expectation: the candidate he hires needs to be able to perform the tasks which he or she will be assigned.

Needless to say, hiring someone who fits in with the company’s aims will reduce the chance of a bad hire and guarantee good addition to the company environment.

However, there is another factor that is slowly grabbing the eyeballs of recruiters across the world, let alone India: Online assessments.

Why do you care?

While hiring, there are chances of a candidate fooling you into believing into something that he's not. It could be either via his words or through his CV. Now what happens here is the candidate's real personality traits are hidden which, if they told you, would lead into his/her rejection.

Even during an interview, the opinion that you as a recruiter will form of the candidate is likely to be subjective and biased, as you have no scientific background to sustain it.

And I won't blame you. We are humans, and humans make mistakes. But considering the fact that this is about the entire company, we can't let the phrase "It's okay to make mistakes".

"When it's about the job, it's not okay to make mistakes while hiring. Especially not when you have great means to prevent it" - Ramon Laguarta, CEO PepsiCo.

How Can an Online Assessment Test provide a solution to this problem?

Online assessment tests are scientific-based methods that can precisely predict the skill set and job-fit attribute of a test-taking candidate.

Skills like Verbal and Logical Reasoning, quantitative aptitude, computer fundamentals; cognitive ability, honesty, integrity, and even emotional intelligence can be assessed using these tests. But it is important as a recruiter to use quality job websites for freshers so that they can accurately predict a candidate’s performance in a work environment.

For instance, at HireMee, we use AI-based state of the art online assessment platform to prevent cheating while taking the test and to ensure quality. Our assessments and platforms are 100% customizable with real-time reports in various formats like HTML, PDF files and MS Excel sheets. Our assessments support all major types of questions like MCQs, Fill Ups, True/False, essay writing and whatnot. With the test scheduling feature, you can send test invitation to the candidates at a time you deem fit.

Having said all this, this is no surprise why online assessment platforms in India have been a big hit amongst the recruiters in the recent past. And this is only going to increase in the near future.


By deploying an online recruitment software , companies that hire students can make sure that their hiring decisions are based on insightful and concrete data, as well as saving time during the entire recruitment process to hire suitable candidates in less time.