How to improve your placement strategy

The most asked questions from a student before he/she joins any college is, "How is the Campus Placement of this College?"

And this is just one amongst the hundreds of other questions they ask. As a student, he/she would like to be fully convinced that the college they will be spending their fortunes to, has a good campus hiring process.

As a placement officer of a college, you should have effective strategies as to how to attract companies for campus placement and answers to some common questions:

1. How high is the Campus Placement Percentage of your college?

2. Name some big companies that are frequent visitors to your college.

3. The Total number of students who got placed from the last batch.

4. What is the company-forecast for this year's Placement?

5. Top Salary package from the last batch

So what's the best way to answer such questions?

If your campus placement strategy isn't on-point, answering such questions might become tricky. So the best way to avoid such a situation is to work on what's obvious - improve the Placement Percentage.

Listed below are the “Top 5 ways" to sky-rocket the Placement numbers in your college;


Way #1:

Personality Development programs:

Include the personality Development programs from the First semester itself. Make it fun and interesting for the students so that they enjoy the process and become better in terms of communication skills and other areas which recruiters look for during hiring.

Think about placements from day one and not at the end of the year.

Way #2:

Create a presence of your college in the industry circle:

What's better than hitting two aims with a single bullet? Yes, that is possible! You can organize field trips for the students from respective branches to visit the companies for a knowledge-oriented tour. This way, the students will learn what's going on in the Industry, spreading awareness about your college's brand at the same time.

Way #3:

Stay in touch with the Alumni:

What is an effective way to spread the word about your College?

THE ALUMNI. They are former students who have “been there and done that”. Make sure you've the updated database of the college's Alumni (especially the ones who re into Recruiting) and seek their help in bringing in New and reputed companies to the campus

Way #4:

Leverage LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is meant "to-make-connections". There are many recruiters out there on LinkedIn who are Interested in Campus recruitment solutions. All you've to do is to connect with them and communicate with them regarding either online campus recruitment or offline recruitment process.

This, if done consistently can result in a lot of good companies under your belt.

Way #5:

Partner with Online Assessment platforms:

Online Job Portals are the hot trend these days. They have connections with a vast pool of Companies who are looking for campus placement for engineering students. Registering with a good online Job portal simply boosts your College's exposure to thousands of companies, improving the Placement percentage of your company exponentially.

HireMee is one such Online Assessment platform that links Students, Colleges and Companies. It has connections with over 2100 top companies with a PAN India approach. Connecting your college with HireMee is also very simple. It just takes a click of a button.