HireMee ProEx – a Trusted Partner for Institutions During-the-Pandemic

The education system across the globe has undergone a paradigm shift in terms of the mode of conducting and the method of teaching. The pandemic has forced the institutions to take online as a mode of teaching and conducting examinations, which has become a “new normal”. Now the cases have reduced much and shown hope to get into normal. Yet, many colleges are hesitant to completely open institutions.

It was worse during the first wave of the pandemic. Institutions were confused about how they are going to make online exams possible. Firstly, facing difficulty in maintaining the integrity; secondly, conducting it seamlessly for mass.

Cheating – The Main Concern for the Institutions

Dr. McCabe and the International Center for Academic Integrity studied the cheating habits of students across the US. They found 43% of graduate students, 68% of undergraduate students, and 95% of high school students admitted having cheated in assignments or exams. This is not specific to the US, but a worldwide issue. The study is conducted between 2002 and 2015, before digital transformations.

The institutions are concerned about the integrity of the exams when conducted online without invigilation. There is a lot of room for cheating and malpractice among students, which questions the purpose of the exams.  

HireMee ProEx has an AI-enabled proctoring system that prevents students from window shifting, copy-pasting, and changing the answers once selected. Also, an AI image proctoring system continuously monitors the students and prevents them from cheating. Sectional timing control adds to preventing malpractice.


Scalability and Efficiency

The platform is recognized by NSDC, SSCs, Ministry of Labour and Employment, and AICTE to conduct nationwide large-scale examinations. Multiple candidates can take examinations from different places without technical glitches. The concurrency of the platform (that is, tests taken parallelly at the same time) is 15,000 in real-time. The platform has an auto-scalable feature that can scale even beyond 15,000. Till now, 14,40,945 tests are taken from HireMee ProEx. 

It is suitable for various types of exams like graded assignments, internal exams, end semester exams, computer lab exams, and class tests. Also, it supports various types of questions like objectives, subjective, programming simulations, audio/ video, and task-based questions. Institutions find it a one-stop solution for all examination problems.

An Advanced Platform for Online Exams

Along with solving the burning issues of the institutions, HireMee ProEx solves other problems of institutions and students. For institutions, HireMee ProEx helps at an operational level, content level, and evaluation level.

At the operational level, the platform is user-friendly for academicians to work on digital space in creating question papers and evaluating the answers. At the content level, HireMee ProEx prevents personal identification information (PII) and question paper leaks. The next problem is the security of the content. HireMee ProEx sources and hosts question paper management. After the exam is conducted successfully, it manages the semi-automatic evaluation of the answers. Complete manual evaluation through a device is strenuous for the evaluators and automatic evaluation might not be relevant for subjective answers. Through semi-automatic evaluation, the answers are evaluated and the scores for various sections are compiled and announced.

With HireMee ProEx, the students can take the exams through mobile or laptop with a working camera. And with a minimum 512 Kbps data speed they can complete the exam without interruptions. The issues of the students are that they have no dedicated study room. With deactivated VOIP in AI proctoring system, they can take exams without the AI raising red flags for the slightest noise.


Institutions’ reviews on HireMee ProEx

HireMee ProEx has been trusted by various institutions like Sona College of Technology, Maharishi Dayanand University, JECRC University, St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College, Loyola Academy Degree & PG College, IIMT Group of Colleges, Bharathi Vidyapeeth Deemed University, J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, Desh Bhagat University, Don Bosco College, GIET University, SGT University, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, St. Ann’s College for Women, and more. The colleges and the universities trust HireMee ProEx for its user-friendliness and thank for helping them to successfully conduct and announce results.

Throughout India, HireMee ProEx has served to take 14,40,945 tests from 48 colleges and universities during this pandemic for 2 years. And it continues to help Institutions.