Four Awesome Tips to Grab an Analytics Job

Without analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.”Geoffrey Moore

What if you were blindfolded and told to win a 200-meter hurdle race? Would you be able to do it? Certainly not. Not analyzing the data can be that black ribbon for organizations that can blindfold their progress. Analytics helps the companies to analyze what's working for them and what's not and then make informed decisions to improve their conversion rate in profits.

And similar to the interview process of any other job profile, Companies that hire students also conduct Interviews for the post of Data Analyst to check the analytical skills of a candidate. Such Jobs require a great deal of skill and commitment and the progress in Analytics career is also bright. No wonder such job profile comes with handsome salaries!

Just like every other interview process, analytics companies also conduct various rounds to hire a suitable employee. Mostly, in these rounds companies assess your analytical skills and confidence. But, what are the other things that you need to get a job with an analytics company?

We at HireMee met and interviewed a lot of candidates who were about to take online assessment platform for freshers and asked about their job strategies. Further, we interviewed those students who had appeared for an Analytics Interview in the recent past and gathered valuable inputs for those who were looking to apply for Analytics Jobs, and came up with 4 helpful points:

1) Brush up the Basics

Knowledge is the key. The students we talked with burst the myth that entry level jobs only belong to candidates with external certifications. According to an internal survey done by HireMee on its own pool of lacs of students, it was found that Jobs for Freshers in India for Analytics profile were 87% more dominated by students with good basics than students with certifications.

Moreover, researching about what tool a company uses before attending the interview can also be the game changer for you. In case if a company uses a technology that has not been taught in your college, you can still learn about the fundamentals of the technology with the help of online resources like YouTube and Udemy.

2) Show Interest in learning new things

As mentioned previously, during your college days you work on various technologies and it is not necessary that the company you want to work for uses all those technologies. Candidates who are willing to learn new things and taking initiative are the first choice of hiring managers. So, do full research about the new technology that you get across and make sure you have clear insights about it.

 3)The Ability to adapt

"How good can you adapt to changes?"

Companies want a convincing answer to this question. Corporate life is highly dynamic and things can change very quickly. So companies look for candidates who are able to adjust swiftly and smoothly to such changes with very little difficulty. Long story short, they look for the tendency to fail then rise up again and come up with alternatives. They want someone who can evaluate the results quickly so more ideas can be researched and someone who has the ability to move new results quickly into production.

 4) The Long term approach

There are a lot of efforts and capital that goes into hiring a single candidate. So when a candidate is being hired by the company, they expect a long association. Your analytical skills are good and beneficial to the company if you pass their screening tests. The company sees you as an asset and would like to have your association for years. So apart from being able to read and analyze chunks of data, you should also bring in a genuine promise of staying with your company for a long time.

Remember, they want someone who not only see a glass as half full but who will research and find multiple ways to make it overflow.


With these tips, you should be able to crack your data analytics interviews. Lastly, don’t panic; trust your gut, and go for it.