3 Ways to Reduce HR Recruitment Workload

3 Ways to Reduce HR Recruitment Workload

Hiring talent is the toughest and most crucial for the growth of any organization, irrespective of the size of the organization. To help HR recruiters there are a lot of tools and methods available in the market. But, with more choice comes confusion. Three comprehensive ways that could potentially take some of your load off the shoulder are here.

1.Assessment for Hiring

Most organizations today rely on online assessments to screen candidates for their personality and intelligence. 95% of employers feel it difficult to find skilled candidates. And 45% of companies report hiring assessments are helping them find the skilled and quality talents for a job. Assessing the candidates would help the organizations to know their aptitude and skills.

Online proctoring, most commonly called, remote proctoring is an advanced invigilation method. The students take the assessments at a remote location, mostly their home, while teachers ensure the integrity of the online test. Most of the online exam platforms have AI/ML-driven automated systems to do the same.

HireMee test (Link test) helps fresh graduates self-assess themselves on seven skills: verbal, quantitative, logical reasoning, behavioral, computer knowledge, domain knowledge, and communication. This assessed information can be made available selectively to corporates registered with HireMee for shortlisting candidates for their job openings.This service is extended free of charge for both the corporates and the students. Also, if corporates choose, they can opt for a complete customized assessment of cognitive, technical, and soft skills with a comprehensive report from HireMee Pro (a product for corporates) which facilitates the recruiters to select the right talents for any job. For technical roles like coders and developers, the candidates are given coding simulations to assess their performance in real-world problems. With HireMee, one can customize the questionnaires and send an invite to the candidates one wants to assess.

2.Screening Digitally

A report says 78% of job applicants write outright lies in their resumes, which is a huge number. However, the scores of the cognitive and technical assessments would not lie. The scores of these assessments are in direct measurement of the skills of the candidates.

Also, HireMee (Link) helps corporates in segregating the candidates' profiles in the HireMee platform based on the scores the recruiters/employers want their candidates to have. For example, if an employer is looking for a web developer, he/she might set the expected scores of the domain to 9, communication to 8, computer skills to 9, and so on, as per their talent requirement. The candidates with particular scores in these areas would be filtered and shown on the platform, whom the recruiter might consider for the interview process.

3.Remote Recruiting

Sending an invite to interviews, scheduling the interview time slots, assembling and managing candidates onsite, with an uncountable number of follow-ups, is lots of work and energy. Covid-19 lockdowns have changed the scenario completely. Also, 25% of Gen Zers prefer virtual interviews over face-to-face physical interviews. Remote recruiting would be the better choice now and after.

HireMee Pro has an option to send bulk invites to the candidates based on your score preferences and can schedule the first round of filtration through skill-based online assessments. This eases the friction of onsite interviews.

We could help the recruiters hire in less time, better, and more efficient with our products and services.