Campus Recruitment Assistance

Campus Recruitment Assistance

A CSR initiative of a reputed group of companies, HireMee offers campus recruitment assistance through its web portal and app totally free of charge to colleges, students, and companies across India. We even have a campus recruitment test that helps students with their job prospects.

For every college and every student, campus recruitment assistance is of utmost importance, not only in getting secure, lucrative, and promising jobs straight out of college, but also in enhancing the college reputation!

Sometimes it is difficult to get the right companies to your campus for campus recruitment drives. This could be due to logistics or cost. Sometimes, even if you do get the best companies to your college, you could do a lot more to attract companies that offer even higher pay packages and better profiles. This is because companies tend to cut their spending when it comes to jobs for freshers. Our campus recruitment test helps open up more opportunities for your students.

HireMee acts as a bridge that connects colleges and students with companies across India. So colleges get 100% placement, students get their dream jobs, and companies get the right person for the job!

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