Round Zero - A Platform to Enhance
Coding Proficiency of the Students

What is Round Zero?

Round Zero is a coding assessment platform with a set of 13 tests positioned at progressive levels of difficulty for the students to enhance their coding proficiency. It offers the students, assessment series for simultaneously assessing and enhancing their proficiency in Future-skills like AI, IoT, ML, RPA, Cloud Computing, Data Science, etc.

HireMee’s Round Zero offers a platform to code real-life coding concepts derived from observing and conducting online tests for 53 corporate companies. The platform is used by 250 organizations in India and abroad.

Code typing
All 13 tests are industry-oriented coding scenarios that can help the students to weigh their preparedness for the coding-specific roles.
The assessments are spread across a semester to test the coding proficiency of the students.
Can be easily infused with the existing syllabi for better and sequentially structured outcomes
Results can be mapped to the institution’s legacy system through API integration.
The platform coding simulator gives a real-time experience.
Get a detailed coding report for further development and reiteration.
AI-driven proctored assessments prevent cheating.
Coding Languages
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  • PHP
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Why Round Zero?
  • Round Zero helps the students in understanding the coding concepts better.
  • It orients the students on the right path with structured tests – moving from the basic to the advanced coding tests.
  • The students learn to apply the coding concepts in a real-life environment.
  • By repeatedly working and solving the codes, the students get familiar with the coding. From a beginner, Round Zero moves them to master the coding concepts.
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