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HireMee's Recorded Proctoring Solutions is a cutting-edge tool designed to ensure the integrity and credibility of online assessments. As education and recruitment processes increasingly shift to remote platforms, it becomes essential to have robust measures in place to prevent cheating and academic dishonesty. With our recorded proctoring technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assessments are conducted securely and fairly.

What is Recorded Proctoring?

Recorded proctoring is a comprehensive approach that combines advanced video surveillance technology with artificial intelligence to monitor and record online assessments. It acts as a virtual proctor, meticulously observing the test-takers behavior throughout the examination. By capturing video, audio, and screen activity, recorded proctoring provides a detailed record that can be reviewed later for any signs of cheating or misconduct.

Recorded Proctoring

Key Features of HireMee's Recorded Proctoring Solutions

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Enables tests to be conducted at any time, accommodating candidate and administrator schedules.

Advanced Video Surveillance

Advanced Video Surveillance

Captures comprehensive video feed, utilizing facial recognition to detect suspicious behaviour.

Audio Monitoring

Audio Monitoring

Monitors audio for irregularities or academic dishonesty.


Screen Activity Tracking

Tracks screen activity, preventing unauthorized resource access or prohibited application usage.


Flagging and Alerts

Automatically flags potential breaches of exam integrity, highlighting suspicious activities.


Comprehensive Reports

Provides valuable evidence for investigations and ensures the credibility of the assessment process.


Secure and Confidential

Prioritizes privacy and confidentiality, securely storing and encrypting all collected data.


Benefits of Recorded Proctoring Solutions

  • Maintain Exam Integrity :
    Deter cheating and ensure fairness.
  • Flexibility and Convenience :
    Assessments are available 24/7 for candidates.
  • Cost-effective :
    Eliminates in-person proctors.
  • Enhanced Credibility :
    Secure and fair assessments.
  • Timesaving
    Automated monitoring, focus on essential tasks.

At HireMee, we understand the importance of ensuring the integrity of online assessments. Our Recorded Proctoring Solutions offer a robust and reliable method to combat cheating and maintain the credibility of your educational system.

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