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Online Examination System for Simple, Secure, scalable And Seamless Online Exams

ProEx: AI-powered by HireMee

Entrance Exams | Semester-End Exams | Certification Exams

Remote proctoring suit
How it works?
proctored assessment
A Remote Proctoring Platform requires the candidate to switch on their audio-video and validate their identity as a first step. Without verification, the online exam will not start. Once the candidate is verified, the exam starts. The proctored assessment takes place via the system's webcam and is quick to pick up any attempt to cheating and the exam is dismissed at the same instant.
What is ProEx?


Our sophisticated online examination system that runs on both web and app makes it simple to conduct and take examinations - anywhere and anytime.
online examination system
online exam software


ProEx assures data privacy and Information security. It is compliant with all the security norms and designed to ensure security.


Multiple candidates can take the examination online from multiple locations at the same time. ProEx is designed for scalability.
online exam test
online examination software


Tested on more than 6.5 lac students, ProEx is seamless and an effective way to conduct examinations online.
Features that make ProEx stand out

Schedule the Examinations when you want

Tune the exam duration and invite thousands of students to take multiple exams in a single shot - no restrictions whatsoever.


Organize your question banks

Create questions directly on the platform or use bulk excel uploads to add your existing question-pool in seconds


100% Customizable

Organize your questions banks in question pools, use bulk upload and track students live while they are taking the exams


Take Exams even with slow Internet

Students can take the examinations in as low as 512kbps internet speed


Question Flagging

Students can flag the questions and return to them later


Time Tracking

Students can track the time left during the exam and plan accordingly


Bulk Reports at your disposal

Bulk reports can be downloaded in Excel Sheets for quick analysis and score display


Exam Scripts

Exam scripts with Question wise analytics available for granular analytics


Image Proctoring

Image proctoring reports available with logs and photo shots with time lapse videos



Students can see their score and give feedback at the end of the exam.

Proex online examination case study

St. Ann’s College of Women Successfully Transforms from Offline to Online Exams Via ProEx: AI-Powered by HireMee

A lot of confusion and anxiety ensued when the lockdown happened. As conducting exams offline wasn't an option anymore, we started looking for Online Alternatives and came across ProEx - AI Powered by HireMee. We found it feasible for students, monitorable from the Examiner's side, and affordable from the management side. As ProEx lets us conduct subjective exams even on mobiles, we did not doubt finalizing ProEx after the technical demonstration. The exam conducting experience in ProEx is smooth, and the software is not at all complicated for Students and Teachers. I'm happy to say we've discovered a technically sound, quality & customer-centric partner for conducting Online exams with ProEx.

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