The technology identifies test takers seeking external help or looking away from the test-screen and flags them

As lakhs of students set to appear for the top competitive exams like NEET and JEE next month amid social distancing norms, online digital assessment platform HireMee on Wednesday said its 'make in India artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform is enabling online examination in a cost-effective manner in the country'.

According to the company, a student can take the online test on a laptop, tablet or even on an inexpensive smartphone. "HireMee's AI-enabled remote testing platform stems out proxy test takers effectively and works reliably even on inconsistent internet in rural areas and operates optimally even with low bandwidth," Chocko Valliappa, Founder of HireMee, said in a statement.

"Creating test papers is a breeze for faculty in addition to giving them ample time to focus on e-learning to replace classroom teaching," he added. The AI-ML algorithm used by HireMee for ProEx enables digital face recognition that can quickly detect any form of external help taken by test takers.

Multiple photo grabs of test takers, taken every few seconds, are stitched to create a time lapse video of every examinee, which is shared with the Controller of Examinations for proctoring as a report. The technology identifies test takers seeking external help or looking away from the test-screen and flags them. The HireMee 'ProEx' platform was recently used by the BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru and the Desh Bhagat University in Patiala, where half a dozen faculty members were able to easily conduct over 1,00,000 online examinations in couple of days.

"We were able to conduct the 2020 internal examinations digitally and smoothly with zero glitches even in the remotest parts of the country. We are now planning to conduct our computer lab examinations on this easy-to-use platform," said Dr Krishnamurthy GN, Principal of BNMIT. The platform's additional features such as auto-selection and randomisation of questions, navigation control, and window and image proctoring are built in to ensure a seamless examination process, the company said. Till date, HireMee platform has completed nearly a million remote online tests since its launch 18 months ago. During the pandemic, the number of colleges and Universities signing up for ProEx solution has grown to 60. "At least two dozen institutions are either in the midst of administering their online examination or scheduled to do so, using the ProEx platform," the company said.

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