HireMee Pro – HireMee’s Answer to the challenge of an effective Online Assessment Software

Customizable Assessments prepared by subject matter experts to deliver quality hiring solutions through modern tools.

HireMee announced the launch of HireMee Pro to tackle the challenges in the hiring process.

The Assessments include various question types like MCQs, Fill Ups, True/False, Subjective answers, etc. There is an Online Coding Simulator that supports 40+ languages like C, C++, JAVA etc for hiring programmers.

Its AI-driven assessments save 72% of the Recruiter's time and cut down their hiring costs by 62%. HireMee Pro's assessments are created by Subject matter experts and thoroughly validated before implementation.

HireMee Pro allows Recruiters to access over 4,00,000 pre-assessed job-ready candidates. They have the option to post a job vacancy with guaranteed responses. Recruiters can also hire PAN India. 

The major competencies assessed by HireMee Pro include questions from:

  • Psychometric
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • English Proficiency
  • Core Domain

The various numbers involved in HireMee Pro's projection are:

  • 88% reduction in time-to-hire
  • 62% cost savings by eliminating conventional assessments
  • 400% increase in hiring speed
  • 4x more candidates considered
  • 15X Recruiter productivity increase

Other features which the Recruiters will get include:

  • Better Employer Branding through White labeling
  • HireMee Pro works on both Website and Mobile Application
  • Test Scheduling can be done and test invitations can be sent

Campus Recruitment: Recruiters can recruit from Campuses from their office with on-ground assessment and interview support. They can also automate their assessment funnel.

Assessment for Hiring: 

  • Recruiters can assess skills and personality comprehensively and will be able to
  • Conduct Reliable Recruitment
  • Make Data-driven Hiring Decisions
  • Boost Interview-to-Hire Ratio
  • Assessments for learning:

    • Learning can be made effective through
    • Candidate profiling Assessments
    • Pre-training Assessments
    • Mid Training Assessments
    • Post Training Assessments
    • Certification Preparedness Assessments
    • Surveys
    • Exit Interview
    • Culture Study
    • Engagement Study

    Test library: Recruiter can access tests from various domains like Banking, IT, Cognitive Skills, Future & Business skills, etc. 

           Structured InterviewPlatform: Avoid the challenges associated with in-person interviews like lack of consistency, Interviewer bias & fatigue, Snap judgment and Poor Interview questions.

    Know more about HireMee Pro: https://hiremee.co.in/hiremeepro