Tips for the Fresher Candidates: Make your Resume Attractive for the Recruiters

Tips for the Fresher Candidates: Make your Resume Attractive for the Recruiters

You are going to jump from a secured and familiar place – College – to a challenging and unfamiliar situation – a job. This is not going to be an easy jump. In this article, we will give you simple and doable steps to make that important and highly expected shift in your life – getting a job for the first time.

Performing well in the interviews is important to get hired. But getting an invite for an interview is tougher and needs some attention from you.

Resumes are your pass to get an interview. To attract the recruiters, you need to communicate your strengths in your resume. The companies know they cannot expect 100% from you as a fresher. They know you don’t have a clue how the industry works unless having done some internships. But there are a few important skills that the companies are expecting.

We will take you through the key skills to attract the recruiters and make your resume stand out.

Research the Opportunities:

Research is the basis for finding your abilities/interests and the job that fits you the best. There are two ways you can do research: search the job for your interests and abilities, or search for the skills needed for a job you aim to do. 

One of the ways to do research is heading on to a careers page that describes the qualities needed for the searched job. You can do it by browsing through the fresher job openings page on the HireMee website. Else, you can make a Google search on skills and qualities needed for a specific job and vice versa.

Search the qualities the companies are expecting for a fresher candidate and start learning them.

Develop Domain skills 

Domain skills are the primary skills for you to do the assigned job. For example, you are applying for a job position as a Front-end developer. The recruiters expect you to possess basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to work on the projects. Learn the basic domain skills needed to do the work you aspiring to.

You need not have learned them in your college. Learning doesn’t stop with college and is a “life-long process”, as Peter Drucker, an Austrian-American educator, says. You can learn the skills free in Google or YouTube, but they lack structure and is difficult to follow. Also, googling takes more time. These tools have high potential which will be useful for you to refer to the topics. You can take a course from a structured learning platform like HireMee GOLD, which has learning tracks for various industry-specific skills and you can avail yourself of them with minimal charges.

HireMee GOLD has modular assessments and a final assessment to improve and assess your skills in the specific domain. We aim to bring you to the Industry Shortlisting Benchmark – the minimum score in verbal and quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, core domain, communication, and computer fundamentals to get shortlisted for an interview.

Improve Behavioral Skills 

Behavioral skills are people skills, emotional skills, and effective communication skills that form the basis of higher professional successes. These skills also make one emotionally agile and therefore better team performer.

Companies look for the behavior skills like interpersonal skills, teamwork, goal setting, self-leadership, conflict resolution, stress management, resilience, and more, to reduce workplace stress, increase productivity, prevent loss of revenue, maintain high morale at work, and blend in with the company culture. Behavioral skills help you to face the challenges at the workplace that are non-technical.

Empathy is one of the skills that you should possess to think from others’ perspectives, evaluate others’ plans, and deliver what is needed. Empathy can be improved by engaging with different types of people and reading fiction. There are a few more options to improve empathy.

Usually, all the behavior skills are developed with practice and patience. A company would always investigate how much you can blend in with their company culture. Positive behavior skills help you blend with any cultural type.

Write an Attractive Resume

Most companies use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to filter the pool of applications to get what they need. For you to escape ATS, do the research. Read the job description and look for the keywords. Understand the requirements of the recruiters or the companies.

By this time, you might have learned the skills necessary for your desired job. Add them to your resume – both domain and behavioral skills – syncing the keywords and your skills.

Don’t make your resume more than a page. A concise one will not only be appealing to their eyes but is easy to comprehend when going through the 100s of applications for the same job. HireMee has a digital resume format which makes the process easy.

A fresher resume may contain personal details, education, domain skills, behavior skills, projects and responsibilities (optional), and internships and responsibilities (optional). Hobbies and interests would add a hint of the personality you are.

  · Video Resume

Video resumes are the upcoming big trend. Adding a 60-90 second video resume would help the recruiter and you in many ways. It can help the recruiters to identify your behavioral skills like creativity, confidence in front of the camera, and the ability to put things to the point. It helps you to stand top over the other candidates when you showcase your creativity and make it easy for them to know you better.

HireMee has an option to upload your video resume in 3 bits of 20 seconds each, about you, your skills, and who you are. This option is available for both candidates using the free and the paid version.

Start your career with these simple steps. The HireMee skill and talent assessment would guide you more in selecting your career track based on your current skills. You can always improve your skills. And HireMee GOLD would help you in that journey. We strive for linking the hidden talents from tier 2, 3, and 4 colleges to the companies. Taking the free skill and talent assessment test or taking the final test of a learning program from HireMee GOLD would link you with the recruiters showcasing your score and resume. This makes the search easy for both recruiters and you.