Practical Ways to secure your dream Job before leaving your college

Imagine the happiness of securing a Job even before your graduation ends. How would you feel?

Smiling, aren’t you?

Well, securing a job before you have completed your college is indeed a big relief. It's like the most precious reward you get after many sleepless nights and stressing out about your future every other minute. Grabbing your first job can be a massive stress buster for you.

However, if you want to secure your future even before finishing college, then you would have to employ certain entry-level job search tips.

Again, understand that Jobs for Freshers in India are in abundance and at the same time, equally competitive. But with the right approach, you can secure one. The below tips will help you a lot:

  •  Set achievable goals:

Companies that hire students prefer those who can set realistic goals and have the potential to achieve them. Having said that, make sure your goals aren't too big that you'll spend your efforts on them with a minimal probability of them coming true. On the same page, don't set too small goals which are of no value to you. Mediation always works.

Do this: Set two kinds of goals - short term and long term. Design them in such a way that the short term goals are in line with the long term goals, ultimately leading to your first job.

Don’t settle down for jobs which will underplay your skills. They won’t add much to your skills-set and you might end up feeling frustrated over the whole prospect.

  •  Certify Yourself

There is no shortage of job opportunities for freshers in India. But there's a reason why only a few freshers get placed from the lot. Certifications are one reason for this.

Relevant certificates can really add a lot to your candidature and prepare you for the job search process. Even if you don't have enough marks or aren't from a good college, having relevant certificates add authority to your candidature.

You can also partner with various job websites for freshers and get a validation of your skills from them in the form of Certificates.

 Build a Big network

Yes, we know you're still in college and building a network would seem a wayward approach to you.

Hear us out.

A big network can really aid you in figuring out how to get the best jobs once you have graduated and where you should invest your energy to be on a successful run.

Building a network can happen both offline and online. You can interact with a lot of people in real life to form a network; else you can leverage LinkedIn to make connections with Employers. Other ways of Network Building include:

1. Attending job fairs,

2. Going to workshops

3. Participating in volunteering activities

You can meet a lot of like-minded people through these activities and expand your network from there on.

  •  Focus on Social Media

We are assuming that you are well aware of the internet and use it daily (that's obvious anyway). However, it's about time you make the best use of it to create job opportunities for yourself.

Let's face it - relying too much on LinkedIn won't help. Moreover, having a digital footprint will give you an edge over others because most of the students take only the "Resume-enhancement" way of trying for jobs which is like having 25 lottery tickets and using only 1 and hoping to win.

Facebook has many pages dedicated to jobs and you can, in fact, hear about some great job openings through Facebook that might change your life for good.

  • If there's one thing that has a mandate of being spot on, it's your Resume. An absolute no brainer.

    Your resume should be your virtual mouth that can totally convey your skills to the Recruiter. Now that you know how much value your resume carries, its worth to spend time on it to make it effective.

    Here's a sample flow you can consider encapsulating in your resume, starting from scratch:


    1. Start with working on a great introduction

    2. Move to the focal point of your resume (Skills/accomplishments area)

    3. Make sure to include bullet points and avoid long paragraphs

    4. Do proper formatting in the end



    With the right approach, you can crack even the toughest of jobs. Make sure you have the above points checked, and you are good to go!

    Got something to say? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

    With these tips, you should be able to crack your data analytics interviews. Lastly, don’t panic; trust your gut, and go for it.