Improve your career path

Improve your career path

Career building today has become different from what it used to be, say, 2-3 decades earlier. The strengthening of the private sector has opened numerous career prospects that were, hitherto, non-existent. Naturally, the challenges that one must be ready to face have also changed.

The primary discrepancy that exists today is the unawareness that exists among youngsters regarding the opportunities that are available. A decade or so back, only two career options existed majorly – medicine and engineering. Now, opportunities are numerous and varied and it’s next to impossible for youngsters to keep track of all the options and, hence, they miss out on many.

Unawareness also exists regarding the skills and qualities that the employers are seeking because of which, again, opportunities are missed. Indeed, vacancies are numerous, job seekers are abundant, and at the same time, unemployment is also rampant. This status quo needs a radical solution to be resolved.

And only one perfect solution exists – the employability enhancement program from HireMee, the HireMee Gold! This unique enhancement program not only promptly notifies a subscriber about relevant vacancies, but it also knows and strategizes based on the skills individual employers seek. Most importantly, it offers strategically designed learning tracks to make a seeker job ready.

To begin with, this hi-tech program scientifically diagnoses a candidate’s true potential, pointing out the areas that need improvement. Based on this deduction, the system devices a learning path for the candidate, meticulously following which, his/her success is ensured.

Also, industry experts are invited to conduct Jobinars for the subscribers where numerous practical tips for acing assessments and interviews are handed. Last but not the least, a HireMee Gold subscriber also gets a ‘clickable online profile’ where one can display his/her Aptitude test scores, IT skill sets, as well as the adopted path of learning

The above features obviously give you a major edge over other aspirants competing with you for the same jobs. The prerequisites, however, change when we focus on coding jobs. HireMee Gold gives you a perfect launchpad here as well. With Gold, you get access to a certain number of coding sessions with solutions that expertly puts you back in the race. In addition, you can sharpen your skills with HireMee Gold tutorials and even get Gold recommendation that makes you a certified asset for 150+ major corporates.

From a possibility, finding a job lucrative enough commensurate with your skills just became a surety - with HireMee Gold!