Everything You Need to Know About Remote Proctoring

Technology has helped education tremendously. In recent days, it is evident that education is possible in tougher times by leveraging the pros of technology. Gone are the days the students and the teachers gather at a pre-scheduled place to write and conduct exams respectively. The whole traditional process requires a lot of planning, preparation, energy, and revenue. Various platforms, through highly efficient features, help educational institutions to conduct exams online.

What is Online/Remote Proctoring?

Proctoring is invigilation in short. A proctor ensures the fairness and authenticity of the exam conducted. The proctored assessments prevent candidates/students from malpractice utmost.

Online proctoring, most commonly called, remote proctoring is an advanced invigilation method. The students take the assessments at a remote location, mostly their home, while teachers ensure the integrity of the online test. Most of the online exam platforms have AI/ML-driven automated systems to do the same.

Types of Remote Proctoring

Live Online Proctoring

Live online proctoring is a method where a qualified proctor monitors the students’ audio-video and screen share feeds in real-time. They monitor the students from a remote location. This method is like offline/physical invigilation except for the exams conducted at different places and the proctor monitoring from a remote place. This method of online proctoring involves human energy in invigilating, which is hard on a large scale. Also, this method is expensive that breaks the purpose of remote online exams.

Recorded Proctoring

Recorded proctoring is a method of recording the online exams and the proctor reviews the recording later. The recordings are usually fast-forwarded to reduce time spent and detect any suspicious activity. Again, this method is also time-consuming and requires human attention though they can review it later.

Automated Proctoring

Automated proctoring is more advanced proctoring done by AI. The AI-enabled system monitors the candidates throughout the exam in real-time. As no human intervention is needed this method of proctoring is cost-effective and reliable.

Advanced Features of Automated Remote Proctoring Tools for Online Exams

Image Proctoring

Image proctoring helps you to capture the candidate’s images when they are taking the online examination. Live images are taken at regular intervals. Also, a few tools for online exams built-in with advanced AI/ML monitors the timestamps and raises flags when the face of the candidates are not clearly visible or there is any other abnormality in the image, for example, double faces in the image or a different face in the image as compared to the original image which was kept as reference by the system. This eliminates the probability of cheating on the test. If an unclear face is unintentional, the students can align the camera to the face or vice versa with the prompts from the platform.

Window Proctoring

The platform prevents the students from navigating between tabs in the browser or minimizing the app on mobiles. If the students exceed the number of the navigation allowed on the platform, then the assessment automatically shuts down.

Sectional Time control

Most of the exams have sections. You can set a time limit for each section. When the students exceed the time limit in the section, that section automatically closes. And AI opens the next section/and submits the exams automatically. This helps in preventing the possibility of cheating with excess time spent in a particular section.

Navigation Control

Once the questions are attempted the students cannot move back to change the answers. Navigation control stops the students from asking for answers from someone or searching and changing the previously answered questions.

HireMee ProEx is one of the best platforms to conduct online tests. We have an AI-enabled proctoring system that will not require human intervention in invigilation. Also, it recognizes the human faces and raises flags, when could not recognize the face in the correct position. This prevents most malpractice. As explained earlier, ProEx has window proctoring, sectional time control, navigation control, and copy-paste disabled as features. These features nullify the possibilities of cheating in any form. ProEx is the trusted online examination partner for 47 institutions across India, which is made possible by the effective solutions that solve the online exam problems.

AI-based image proctoring scores high on convenience, authenticity, credibility, and economy for conducting online examinations. Take the chance to transform your method of examining into a simple and seamless process through an online test platform.