Campus Placements might disappoint you, HireMee's assessment won't

There are millions of talented students hidden in tier-2/3 towns and most of them miss out on freshers jobs due to lack of awareness and initiative. HireMee, being a CSR initiative, has accepted the challenged and is striving to provide job opportunities for freshers in every possible way.

Being an online assessment platform having Video Resume feature that assesses a candidate on industry level parameters, HireMee has put a dent in the recruitment industry, becoming the favorite of both students and recruiters for fresher jobs.

And in this blog, we bring you another success story of a talented fresher - Nandhini Reddy, who fought all odds to find her way into getting trained in China for her job.

Nandini hails from Chatra, a small district in Jharkhand & recently got a job in an MNC based in India and China. She made the best use of HireMee's Video Resume feature and the vibes of her talent reached Shanghai, where her hiring was finalized.

Let's hear how she made it:

Why did you choose HireMee's exam?

Nandhini says that she wanted to come out of the small world of Chatra and explore the possibilities in the field of Data Science, and HireMee seemed to be the easiest and best option.

Opening about the entry-level job she got through HireMee, she says, "I didn't get the job through my college because of its location. Companies don't know about small districts like Chatra. Due to lack of awareness, I wasn't even sure of how to get a job, until I came across HireMee's FaceBook Page and registered myself"

Nandhini further says, "Once I got the HireMee's assessment result, I started getting interview calls almost every week. It was a strange feeling. Just a few days ago, I was hopeless of what to do and now I was getting multiple interview calls. For a moment, it felt like a dream...”


Did HireMee's assessment reports help you? If yes, How?

Nandhini says, "Thanks to the in-depth reports of HireMee, I   came to know about my weaknesses and worked on them.   After that, I saw my performance graph went only one way -   uphill"

By properly pointing out her strengths and weaknesses, HireMee's assessment report helped Nandhini to know what Recruiters are looking for and enabled her to improve her weaknesses, ensuring a brighter time ahead. She understood the importance of the whole assessment and decided to come up with a strategy keeping in mind HireMee's report to get the best results.

Would you recommend HireMee to others? Why?

"Definitely yes. The condition of Campus Placements in many colleges, especially from tier-2/3 cities is not good and HireMee extensively focuses on the same"

Moreover, Nandhini adds:

"With easy to use interface, vast connections with companies and frequent job updates, HireMee provides great opportunities to a lot of talented students. Getting a dream job is a dream for most of the students. Through its consistent efforts, HireMee is making those dreams come true"


This was Nadhini's take on HireMee's assessment exam and how it helped her come out from a small place to explore bigger possibilities. Just like Nandhini, you can get the job you desire as well. If you decide to work hard, HireMee will make sure it doesn't go in vain.

So, don’t forget to take HireMee's online assessment. Better opportunities are waiting for you!