6 things to do after your interview that can secure the job for you

6 things to do after your interview that can secure the job for you

Lacs of students search for entry-level jobs every month. And because of various online assessment platforms in India, there is no shortage of job opportunity for freshers

We all know that there are certain things we should do before an interview to make a long-lasting impression on the interviewer. But very few people know that your activity after the interview also makes a big difference in you getting your job.

The point is, your work isn't over after you've left the interview room. So what should you do?

According to Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert for Top Resume, "How you handle the post-interview process is just as pivotal as to how you performed during the actual interview,"

So we have picked up 10 best things for you post-interview to close the deal:

      1.     Ask for how you should Follow-Up

       Experts suggest that before you leave the interview room, you should ask two questions to the interviewer:

                 1.       By when shall I expect a response?

                 2.       Whom should you follow up with and how?

     2. Have the contact details of your interviewer

It's always advisable to collect the interviewer's contact details before leaving the premises. It can be a simple phone number, an email address or a business card. This will help you to connect with the interviewer to get the updates going forward

3. Reflect back on the interview

Reviews bring results. Once you have attended the interview, it becomes important to analyze what you did and note down the good points and scope of improvements.

           You can also ask yourself, "What did I do wrong? Was I sitting in an incorrect posture or do I need to improve my gestures?"

            Having answers to such questions can really help your performance in the interview plus they can increase your confidence level for good.

 4. Is the Company good for you?

Was there anything the recruiter said that affected you in a negative way? Or was it some action of the interviewer that rubbed you in a wrong manner - note it down. This might give you a fair idea if the company is actually the right fit for you.

5. A "Thank You mail" that works

Sending a detailed thank you mail a few hours after the interview can do a world of good for you. It is a professional approach to acknowledging the meeting with the interviewer. It also leaves a good impression on the interviewer and makes him believe you are interested in the position.

Some keys to writing a thank you note that gets you the job include recapping some of the things you feel are your strengths for the job at hand and taking the time to address any awkward moments during the interview or questions you couldn't fully answer at the time.

What's important to note here is that you should not send the same thank you email to different recruiters. You should personalize your email based on the job opening and your experience with the interviewer in order to get the best results.

6. Connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn

Sending a LinkedIn connection request also helps to build a healthy connection with the recruiter and expanding your connections at the same time.

Your personal message must be 300 characters or less, so it should concisely express your gratitude for your interviewer's time and your interest in the role.


Companies that hire students look for overall personality of a candidate like his/her ability to take ownership and not just perform well in the interview room.

Make sure you follow the above mentioned tips to get the best out of your interview. For the rest, we wish you luck!