Practical tips to level up your Spoken and Written English

Are you looking for entry-level jobs? If your answer is "yes", then you cannot ignore the importance of communication skills. Be it preparing for your first job interview or just starting with a fresher job, your communication skills will decide whether you will have that all-important offer letter in your hand or not. 

Moreover, good communication skills are the jewel you wear which make you confident in front of the world. And the good news is, this can be yours if you get a few things right. All you have to do is to read this blog carefully, then sit and make a plan to execute the tips discussed below. 

The below tips are tried and tested on other freshers who bagged their first job and will definitely help you out. 

So let’s get to them:

Listen to understand

There is an old saying which goes as - "listen before you speak". 

If you want to develop your communication skills, developing a few habits that help you in improving your communication skills are very important. The habit of listening is one of them. Most of the time we listen to reply to things rather than to understand. In the process, the essence of what the other person is trying to say is lost.

So make an effort to listen and understand to what the other person has to say. Pay attention to the key points the person is speaking and reply to that part which is most important. Just like before answering a question in an examination, you prepare its structure, similarly while listening to a person, prepare an imaginary structure of the answer you'd reply back with. 

This might sound like a mouthful in the first place, but it is easy to apply. The cherry on the cake is, this will not only help you in improving what you speak, but good listening skills will also give you brownie points in the group discussion round, ultimately pushing you towards your offer letter. 

So why not listen before you speak? 

Don’t interrupt people in between

Imagine you're trying to put up an important point and someone interrupts you. You will feel bad, isn't it? That's how the other person feels when you interrupt him/her.

If you cut someone off mid-sentence then that will make your impression as someone who is too desperate and is not ready to listen to others’ opinion. Of course, this also goes in sync with working on your listening skills and is an important aspect of effective communication.

Also, if you are facing problems while speaking English, there’s one very effective way.  

Read as much as you can.

Reading has all the answers to your questions and fears of speaking fluent English. It also improves your vocabulary and gives you the confidence you need to nail the conversations.

So, ensure that you spend at least an hour every day reading something nice and constructive.

You can read the newspaper, especially the editorial section, pick up any novel or just read articles by people who are known for their expertise.

 Watch movies with subtitles

If I tell you that you can learn while you entertain yourself, would you believe that? While it seems illogical to say that, but the fifty-seven freshers we interviewed revealed that they noticed a significant improvement in their communication skills after developing the habit of watching movies with subtitles.

And since the focus of this article is on improving your English communication skills, the best advice would be to watch English movies or TV series with subtitles. Subtitles can really help you in the initial phase.

Also, once you become comfortable in understanding the accent, you can start watching the movies without subtitles, while getting entertained at the same time. This is the most effective technique which has helped a lot of students.

 In a Nutshell

Companies that hire students look for multiple skills, but communication skills are a must for any company. In this competitive era where there are so many jobs for freshers, the competition is cut-throat.

Online Assessment Platforms are a great way to validate your oral and written English skills, which are looked at by companies while hiring.

So use the tips discussed above and then apply for jobopenings for freshers using online assessment platforms to get the job you want!