How HireMee is revolutionizing the hiring process

It was an official visit to Delhi. I was coming back to Bangalore via train with my company tag still on. The train was mostly empty and I was given the lower berth. I saw another man, a few years older to me securing the opposite berth. Well combed hair and an expensive looking suit - he appeared to represent some big company.

And for some reasons, he looked a bit restless. Scratching his head too often and clear signs of tension on his face were obvious reasons. I couldn't resist asking him, 'Hey, what's the matter?'

'Huh?’ he looked at me, perplexed. Then he saw my tag which read - 'HireMee'.

'What does that mean?’ he inquired.

'This?’ I said. 'I work in HireMee'.

'Okay, so from the name I suppose you are into the hiring process?'

‘Yes. HireMee is a Mobile-based online assessment platform providing freshers jobs – linking corporate, students and colleges’.

'Okay. Actually, I am from Glo***ch Solutions and I was searching for free job portals to search resumes for the post of Software developer. How does HireMee work and how it can help me?'

‘Of course. HireMee helps students to secure their dream job by assessing them on 7 different parameters which include verbal, logical, quantitative aptitude, core questions, computer fundamentals, and communication skills. After a student has taken the test, he/she gets a 7-digit score that goes into their pre-assessed profiles. Also, our online assessment test is AI-proctored – which means it monitors the candidate who is taking the test via facial recognition to ensure authenticity in the test process. We have ample students for all job requirements’; I said that in one breath.

'And it might surprise you', I continued, 'We are a Corporate Social Initiative(CSR) and provide free pre-assessed candidate database for recruiters. This is because we believe that that there is an A.P.J Abdul Kalam in every corner of the nation. Just like Honorable Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam belonged from a small town of Tamil Nadu, there are similar diamonds hidden in tier-II and tier-III towns whose talent goes unnoticed.

He scratched his head again, this time more in satisfaction than confusion. 'So this is it?'

‘No, there is more’, I said.

I then opened the "Video resume section of HireMee". 'HireMee allows students to upload 20-second videos in the mobile-based app describing their skills'. He listened curiously as I continued; 'Now we at HireMee review and rate such video-resumes so that recruiters like you have a clear idea about the communication skills and confidence level of each student. This, in turn, will help you to make an effective hiring decision'.

'Now that sounds like a mouthful', he confessed. I nodded my head to agree.

We did not talk much after that. Neither did we exchange names or a casual handshake. He was mostly glued to his laptop in the entire journey.

When the station arrived and we were about to part, he turned towards me - 'Okay, I'm convinced that HireMee is really doing a nice job towards hiring. Good going!’ he extended his hand and said, 'I'm Varun Mittal, co-founder of Glo***ch solutions and it was nice talking to you!'

I was surprised at his sudden change of behavior from anxious to friendly. 'Ankit Singh from Hire...'

'I know you're from HireMee. What I don't know is how to associate my company with HireMee. Can you help me with that?’ he asked with inquiring eyes.

'Of course. That is simple and hardly takes any time! Nice to meet you, Varun!’ I extended my hand to complete the handshake.

That day I saw an anxious recruiter who boarded the train from Delhi, de-boarding the train at Bangalore fully satisfied- all because of HireMee. That was the day I felt what I was doing at HireMee was worth it.