5 ways to handle a demanding Boss

There is no shortage of jobs for freshers in India. Each year, millions of fresh graduates take an online assessment test to get hired for entry level jobs.

Among those million fresh graduates, you are also someone who has cleared his/her pre-employment test and recently joined your first company. You may have little or no idea how to deal with your Boss if he/she is or becomes too demanding.

In a parallel universe, you would have understanding managers - bosses who won't get angry when you make a mistake and instead sit with you to sort things right.

But in the present world that we live in, it does not work that way. The jobs are demanding and it's on the boss to deliver the results in time. So they will be demanding most of the times. That's okay. But some bosses cross the line by expecting way too much out of their employees (Sigh!).

Forbes agrees. Further, it adds that there could be many reasons as to why Bosses have such behavior:

"It can be out of the desire to control everything; fear for his/her own job status; a yearning for perfection; or a sense of entitlement, the reasons could be many. Asking nicely doesn’t always occur to these bosses, and so the onus is on you to break your silence and be the voice of reason.”

To help you better cope up with such Bosses, here are some best advice gathered from across the internet. You can follow one or more of these pieces of advice depending upon how demanding your Boss is.

1. Are you sure that he/she is a bad Boss?

Before trying to even conclude that your Boss is demanding, make sure you are dealing with one.Is there a reason for her behavior, or are you being too hard on him or her?

Notice your Boss for a few days to come up with his/her behavioral pattern. When your boss is doing something bad, try to come up with the most forgiving reason to conclude why it could have happened. Try to analyze that was it truly your Boss' fault, or was it something out of his/her control?

This will majorly solve your confusions about your Boss.

But even after this observation, you're dead sure that your Boss is the last good person on this Earth, continue reading!

2. Look for your Boss' motivation:

Analyzing why your Boss does or cares about certain tasks might give you a fair idea about his/her way of working.

Try to come up with a reason that keeps your boss irritated at work. Try to walk up to him/her and offer any help that he/she might require. This will give him/her an idea that you genuinely care about working with him (even though you don't). This might change your perception in his/her eyes and his attitude might change as well!

The idea is to improve your bond with your Boss and don't just maintain an employer-employee relationship. If you can pull this thing off, things will definitely get better for you!

3. Stay one step ahead:

Understanding the work-pattern of your Boss and predicting what he expects out of you can really help you at work. Complete the tasks which you know for sure your Boss will ask you in the near future. Then when the boss asks for it, tell them you've already finished it and watch the element of surprise on his/her face.

They will really appreciate your work.

4. Understand his/her trigger points:

If your boss has anger management problems, you have to observe and figure out what makes your Boss angry. Try, at all possible levels, not to do such things.

For example, if your Boss makes weird faces when you arrive at the office after 9 am, plan to get there at 8:45 am, every single day!

5. Don't let it affect your work:

If you take all your Boss' words in your head, it will not let you focus on your work properly. Remember, there are only two ways as to how you can excel at your job - by working sincerely and maintaining a good connection with your Boss.

Even if he/she scolds you, keep a sincere smile on your face (definitely not a mocking one), and tell them you are trying your best to work in line with what is expected out of you. Avoid recalling their words again and again while working and understand that the only way you can save yourself from similar situations is by working well.