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Unleashing the Four ‘S’ of Online Exams
Simple, Secure, Scalable, & Seamless
Online Examination System

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An end-to-end AI-powered platform - Conduct, Proctor & Evaluate Assessments



During Exams

During Exams

Post Exams



Before the Exam

  • Implement anti-cheating measures.
  • Define evaluation criteria and rules.
  • Schedule exams with ease.

During the Exam

  • Schedule and administer exams online.
  • Prevent cheating with AI-powered proctoring tools.
  • View detailed credibility reports for each student.

After the Exam

  • Allocate answer sheets to evaluators.
  • Supervise and streamline the evaluation process.
  • Publish results online.
online assessment solutions

Remote Proctoring Suit

  • Strong 3-point student authentication
  • Safe exam environment ensured with a secure browser
  • Robust suite of AI-based proctoring tools
    • Auto proctoring using AI technology
    • Live proctoring in real-time
    • Proctoring recording and review
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Online Exam Software Secure and Streamlined Online Exam Software Solution

Online Exam Software has revolutionized the way exams are conducted in the present-day scenario. It offers a hassle-free and time-efficient way of conducting exams while maintaining the integrity and security of the examination process. With the increasing demand for remote learning and online education, online exam software provides an easy way to administer and manage exams for students located in different parts of the world.

HireMee ProEx is a state-of-the-art online exam software designed to simplify and streamline the examination process for educational institutions, corporations, and certification bodies. The software supports multiple types of exams and questions, including objective and subjective questions, and can accommodate thousands of students taking exams at the same time from different locations.

The three-layered AI proctoring feature ensures cheat-proof exams while the real-time performance tracking of students enables educators to monitor and evaluate the performance of the candidates. The exam software offers a comprehensive and detailed report on the exam scripts, question-wise analytics, and scorecards, allowing educators to evaluate the student's progress and plan future courses of action.

The platform is scalable and can support thousands of exams simultaneously with complete data security, ensuring the privacy and safety of candidates' information.

Our Quality and Service are Endorsed by Our Customers

Unlocking Perfect Matches with HireMee's AI Proctored Online Exam System

Our online exam system with AI proctored monitoring is easy to use, safe, and works smoothly, linking you with the perfect match.

HireMee ProEx - Your Trusted Solution with AI-Based Proctoring

HireMee ProEx is a an online exam system that uses smart technology to keep things fair. It prevents cheating through features like AI-based proctoring, keeping an eye on open windows, controlling navigation, and managing time for each section. It's a reliable solution to ensure honesty during online exams.

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