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Product Manager


Company Name : Karvy Stock Broking Ltd

Skills : Product Management

Job Location : Bangalore

No. of Openings : Not updated

Gender Preference :No Preference

Walk-in date : 11th Jun 2019 to 14th Aug 2019

Full Time

Mandatory Qualification :
PG-Non Engineering
Qualifications :
MBA/PGDM - Marketing MBA/PGDM - Operations
Additional Prefered Skills :
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Job Description:-

  • Ideation: The Product Manager solicits ideas for new products from others and contributes ideas for new products. He/she collects information on new product ideas, analyzes new product ideas, and helps evaluate new product ideas.
  • Market Analysis: The Product Manager maintains constant surveillance and awareness of the market and has been able to effectively identify customer needs and trends.
  • Competitive Analysis: The Product Manager maintains awareness of competitive products, potential competitive products, competitors, and competitor capabilities. He/she actively collects and analyzes data on competitors and helps to organize this data into meaningful information. He/she organizes or effectively participates in competitive intelligence efforts. The Product Manager effectively uses competitive information in the development of a new product. He/she is able to identify strengths and weaknesses of proposed products relative to the competition, can anticipate competitive responses, and can consider competitive actions in the development of sales projections.
  • Preparation of Voice of the Customer Plan: The Product Manager proactively develops a plan for collecting voice of the customer (VOC) data early in the development cycle. The plan addresses methods to be used, definition of the customers to be talked to, resources required, and the schedule for the investigation effort.
  • Familiarity with Voice of the Customer Methods: The Product Manager is familiar voice of the customer (VOC) methods including market research, interviewing and interviewing techniques, focus groups, ethnographic research, usability studies, and other methods. He/she applies these techniques as appropriate. The Product Manager applies VOC techniques appropriately to understand both stated and latent needs. The customer needs identified reflect this VOC input rather than the Product Manager’s initial perceptions of the customer needs.
  • Customer Needs Definition: The Product Manager develops an effective understanding of the customer needs balancing the information collected, with risks of not fully understanding customer needs and assessing market potential and with cost and schedule of the investigation.
  • Requirements Development: The Product Manager works with the team to develop a comprehensive set of requirements that address all defined customer needs and that are complete. Product requirements are effectively communicated to team members to assure a complete and consistent understanding of the requirements. Product requirements are managed to minimize changes once development is underway. Any changes in products requirements are carefully evaluated to minimize disruption to the development team and plan.
  • Use of Product Planning & Definition Methods: The Product Manager uses a structured approach to product definition and planning such as quality function deployment (QFD) to translate customer needs into product requirements and develop a product plan.
  • Enhance Value Proposition: The Product Manager balances out requirements with cost to maximize the value proposition to the customer. He/she is familiar with and uses techniques such as conjoint analysis or other value assessment techniques to make decisions to maximize product value.
  • Product Positioning & Strategy: The Product Manager does a good job of integrating overall company strategy, product line plans and strategy, competitive analysis, and customer needs into an effective product strategy and position in the marketplace.
  • Product Line Planning & Strategy: The Product Line Manager appropriately contributes to the development of an overall product line plan and strategy.
  • Product Line Roadmaps: The Product Manager contributes to, develops, and maintains product roadmaps and other representations of the product line plan and strategy. Roadmaps and related documents are up to date.
  • Product Forecasting: The Product Manager uses a reasoned approach to develop to develop forecasts of customer demand and maintain forecasts as customer demand changes. These forecasts are communicated with others in the organization that need this information. The Product Manager analyzes variances between forecasted and actual product demand to understand what happened and to refine his/her forecasting approach.

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Speak Read Write
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Monthly CTC
10,000 - 12,000
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Not Updated
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