Things every candidate should know about a Video Resume

The trend in Entry level recruitment process is changing. Now, having a video resume is more effective than applying via a paper resume. The biggest reason for this is that Video resumes allow you to put your best foot forward by virtually talking to the Recruiters. You get more time to explain your skills, your qualification, your area of interests and what makes you different from others. Evolution is an attribute of success. Just as living beings evolve to survive; your application should also evolve to stand out from the crowd of applications. Video Resumes is the way to go.

The ideal Video resume should and must not exceed 60 seconds. Remember that the average attention span of a recruiter reviewing your application will fluctuate after 60 seconds. So saying a lot in a little will do the trick for you.

Let's understand how you can increase your chances of securing a job through video resume in this detailed blog:



As discussed above, how long your video is will decide how interested the recruiter is to watch it. On average, Recruiters spend just 6 seconds to skim through a candidate's resume. So while you think 60-second resume won't be enough, now you know the math. Having a short resume will hook up a recruiter and increase your chances of getting that job.


The quality of the video and its way of presentation is a crucial factor for the hiring decision to be turned in your favor. Make sure your video's sound and picture quality are good. Any resolution above 720p should be good enough. Your video should have that professional touch the recruiter is looking for. Remember it's not a YouTube video. Speak like you are speaking in an actual interview.

The ideal order of a video should include an introduction, then your education background, work experience, hobbies, and skills.


 The script of the Video resume also matters. So avoid reading out from a piece of paper or from your resume. If you focus on memorizing the contents of the resume, chances are you might stammer if you forget any word and that will be a disaster for your chances. So, be natural. Talk about yourself in a way you are comfortable in. You can talk about topics which fall in your comfort zone to ensure a confident speech.


Once you are done with creating the video, revisit it again and again. See if you can find any bottlenecks and correct them in such a case. Also, look for wrong pronunciation and bad gestures, if any. lastly, show the video to other people and request their inputs to make it better.


The best part about Video Resume is it allows you to showcase your creative side. Use this method to bring the best out of you. Stand out from the crowd by creating an attractive video which speaks volumes about your skills and who you are as a person.

You can experiment with new things to make your video different from others. For example, you can include your Professor at the end of the video who will speak a line or two about your skills and abilities.

At last, try to enjoy the process of making a video resume as it’s a learning process.

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