The Secrets to clearing Pre-Employment Personality Test decoded

The Secrets to clearing Pre-Employment Personality Test decoded

Any Online Assessment Platform contains a section called a personality test. Companies, in the process of talent assessment, use such test to see if the candidate they are assessing has traits best suited with the Company culture or not.

Such tests are usually conducted in the initial stages of the employment test with the sole purpose of exposing their behavior under certain circumstances which form an integral part of the Company's daily work culture.

How to clear any Pre-Employment Personality Test?

When you appear for an employmentassessment test, the Recruiters expect honest answers out of you. The reason being, in such tests, there is no right or wrong answer. Your answer indicates how you will react in certain situations.

This is true, however by practicing with similar behavioral assessment test before the actual test will let you properly mold your answers for the position you are trying to target. This will undoubtedly have a good effect on your candidature for the job opening.

Below are three tips that will greatly help you to clear such tests:

Tip #1: Work on your Behavior, Not Your Personality

Every candidate is likely to have multiple character traits. You can possess a “professional persona,” which is organized, and emotionally balanced. You may also contain “home persona,” which is the exact opposite - unorganized, and emotionally unstable. While you may have both character traits, you are still having one collective personality. But in personality tests, it is important to show only your “professional traits.”

This may sound easy; but when you are taking the assessment test, you will realize the gravity of this point. Preparing for the test with questions similar to the ones asked in the actual test will let you to analyze what things you are doing wrong and how you would answer questions on the test itself. You will also come to know how your answers have the potential to work for or against you.

Tip #2: “Correct” and “Incorrect” answers in The Pre-Employment Personality Test

As discussed in the above point and confirmed by the hiring managers, no answer is completely "correct" or "incorrect" and completely depends on the situation in question. Recruiters, in fact, see personality tests as personality “questionnaires” instead of just mere “tests.” Although this might seem like the end of the discussion, there is more to the story.

Many Recruiters believe that Online Assessment platforms which have personality tests embedded in them are meant to find suitable candidates whose personality matches the needs of the Company. That would mean that based on the type of personality specified by the company before the test; there are actually right and wrong answers, specific to that company. Preparing for the personality test beforehand will let you become ready with the types of questions asked and what the precise answers are or can be.

Tip #3: How nervousness influences your personality

Before taking the personality test, candidates tend to get nervous and it's completely natural to feel that way. Candidates are expected to take a test that is unfamiliar to them without understanding the evaluation criteria. All they know is that the test aims to expose your traits of personality which are hidden, and most of the times, this can be uncomforting.

The nervousness of taking such a test can affect your personality traits in the below ways:



-Irritating behavior

It's important to take this test like all others and remain calm. Any company would prefer a candidate who is calm is pressure situations and doesn't let stress affect his/her work.

An ideal Online Pre-employment Personality Test

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