Ace the group discussion to land your first job

Ace the group discussion to land your first job

Companies who are into Entry Level Recruitment love including Group Discussions in their hiring process. According to them, a Group Discussion is a good way for an in-depth talent assessment of the candidate. From communication skills to the confidence level of a candidate, a Group Discussion helps to scan a candidate's fit for the job before the personal interview. As a fresher, you may be stressed about your maiden job’s group discussion round, but with the right strategy, it will become a lot easier.

Let us see what you can do to ace the Group Discussion Round:

Be attentive:

It's extremely important to be attentive throughout the group discussion process. Pay full attention to what others are saying, listen attentively and reply accordingly. Note that throughout the interview process, all your activities are monitored closely by the interviewer.

Also, there can be a possibility that you may not know much about the topic. In such a case, pretending that you know a lot might hurt your chances of making it through. Interviewers are experts in reading between the lines, a fact which most of the freshers either don't know about or ignore. A good alternative in such a situation can be listening attentively and comprehensively summarizing the points of others.

Choose your words wisely:

During a group discussion round, things may get out of control due to contrasting opinions, overpowering speakers, lack of understanding, and other such reasons. During such times, how you or other candidates react is what your interviewer is waiting to find out. Maintain composure and be respectful when you speak. Most importantly, don’t scream. Use polite words and control your pitch.

There can be a number of reasons in a group discussion round where you are likely to lose your temper. It could be because of contrasting opinions, overpowering speakers, lack of understanding; the key is not to lose your cool. Interviewers sideline those candidates first who can't tame their reactions to certain situations. Increasing your pitch or shouting at other candidates is a big no-no. You can be assertive but in a polite way.

Establish eye contact:

Not establishing proper eye contact during a group discussion round is a clear indication to the interviewer that you lack confidence and purpose. Most freshers make this mistake of not establishing eye contact while speaking. One thing to note here is that you should make eye contact with your fellow GD member and not the GD conductor or the panel. Always remember that the sole purpose of a group discussion is to leave a positive impression in the mind of the recruiter.

 Mock GDs:

Another effective way to better prepare for group discussions is to participate in mock GDs. Colleges understand this and often conduct such sessions to increase the confidence level of the students. If your college isn't conducting mock GDs for you, then you can take the initiative yourself and setup Mock GDs with your friends and begin practicing extensively.

 Start or Summarize:

Taking the initiative to start or end a group discussion will definitely fetch you brownie points. Although most of the freshers are aware of this fact, expect multiple people speaking at once, after the interviewer signals to start the discussion.

Similarly, ending a group discussion will also leave a good impression in the mind of the recruiter. However, it's not mandatory. Candidates often focus on this point and ignore the other points discussed above which leads to their rejection. Even if you didn't start or finish the discussion, participating actively during the discussion will be equally effective.


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By using the above mentioned tips, you’ll see great results in the group discussion round. Make sure to follow them religiously.