Employee Upskilling: Track the Effectiveness of the Training

Employee Upskilling: Track the Effectiveness of the Training

“Which would make your next company a great workplace?” This question from ‘What makes a great place to work’ quiz brings most of the employees’ answer, “training that helps me to grow my skills and knowledge”. On the other side, PWC’s Global CEO Survey reports, finding the employees with the right skills is one of the top three threats to their business. Technology is growing at a much faster pace. Keeping up with technology and upskilling the employees are some of the important roles of employers. To emerge stronger after the Covid-19 crisis businesses need reskilled employees.

When the companies need to replace an employee, it costs them one-half to two times the annual salary of the employee, which is a huge cost. On the other side, investing in reskilling and updating the employees costs meager compare to replacing them. You don’t need to look for talents outside your company when it's already there but need discovery and development. It is intuitive to upskill the existing employees. It has a lot of benefits, as follows:

1.Improves Retention of The Employees:

As mentioned earlier, employees expect professional and personal growth. Studies show 80% of Millennials and GenZers would leave an organization if there is no professional growth as they crave career and professional development. When opportunities for learning and upskilling are provided, it gives the perception that employers are highly interested in employees’ success, not only at a career level but also at a personal level. This enhances the retention of the employees.

2.Improves Success of The Company:

Employees would feel your company allows them to grow at the rate they wanted to, with the training and the development opportunities. This makes them happier with the company, and they would have a brighter outlook on the company’s future. They would put themselves completely in the development of the company, with a deep sense of purpose, to give back and grow better.

3.Increase Your Clients’ Satisfaction:

When you have happy employees working with a goal and high sense of purpose, eventually they will be highly productive. With new skills and advanced technology usage, they could serve your clients better, which can improve your clients’ satisfaction.

4. Hire Top Talents:

This is not a replacement for the current employees, but a loop created because of better business. When clients are satisfied and employees are happy, your business grows. You need to hire new employees to meet the business requirements. As a result of a better employee experience, you would attract top talents.

HireMee Pro’s Assessment for Learning & Development

Nancy Parsons, the President and CEO of CDR Companies (an assessment and talent management firm), says, professional and career development opportunities should begin with an assessment, then comes coaching, feedback, and understanding of employees’ SWOT.

HireMee Pro offers its assistance to the in-house L&D of a company to trace the effectiveness of the course and improvement of the employees. Based on the training modules, the assessments are tailor-made by the HireMee Subject Matter Experts.

As Parsons stated, HireMee Pro’s assessment for learning solutions starts with a pre-training assessment to identify the skills of the employees. The employees can go through the training modules designed by their in-house L&D team. The employees can have mid-training assessments to keep themselves engaged in the program and assess their understanding. This helps the L&D team to change the content for its effectiveness if needed. Finally, the employees can take a post-training assessment, get certified for the course, and get incentivized by the corporates.

The course takes the candidates through the skills needed based on their pre-training assessments. We help employers to check the improvement of their employees in technical, behavioral, and soft skills at mid-training and post-training levels. We support the L&D department of the companies with our assessments for cross-developmental training programs, and continuous learning and development programs.

Upskilling employees is inevitable for any company irrespective of size and industry. To pace up with the future developments, retain employees, and save up money organizations need to train and re-train their employees based on their needs. HireMee Pro can assist these companies in giving them customized assessments based on the training programs and improve learning effectiveness by 1.5 times.