A guide to gauging the Effectiveness of Corporate Training

A guide to gauging the Effectiveness of Corporate Training

What outcomes do you hope while planning training and development exercises for your Company? Most of you will say enhanced skills and productivity and you are completely right about that. It's important to assess the following questions once the process is over:

      ·  Was the training helpful enough to impart knowledge to the  participants?

      ·  Were the participants able to implement what they learned from the training?

       ·  What was the added advantage or areas of improvement of the training program?

After the assessment for learning process is over, the inferences will help you to understand how effective the training process was. It will help you to understand what is working and what is not working.

Importance of Training Effectiveness

This is a no brainer - Organizations invest extensively in employee training and development. Such programs help to boost the knowledge as well as the confidence levels of employees. It also promotes social interactions within the employees and enhances the company culture. Needless to say, with such a good culture, employee retention is increased as well. Moreover, insights about the last event help the HR team to plan better for future events.

Gauging Training Effectiveness

When you have worked so hard to organize the training, being curious about it's effectiveness is absolutely legitimate. There are various ways to do so, some of which include:

       ·   Post-training questionnaires

       ·  Employee discussions

       ·  Surveys

       ·  Visual confirmations

The more insights you have, the better conclusions you will reach. Before the workshop starts, it is always a good idea to list various points that you will gauge and how to go about certain things. Fortunately, there are some effective platforms for assessing training effectiveness.

HireMee Pro - the best way to measure training effectiveness

HireMee Pro is an Online Assessment tool which has been designed to assess the Corporate training workshops to promote better employee retention and knowledge.

To assess any training program effectively, it has the following features:

Pre-training assessments:

You can use this assessment to gain initial insights into the employees. It will let you know how much knowledge gap is there and what all needs to go into the training program. Better planning translates to a more effective training program.

Mid Training Assessment:

This assessment can be used in the middle of the workshop to understand how much the employees understand about the subject. If there are loopholes found, corrective measures can be taken to make the rest of the process effective.

Post Training Assessment:

This assessment is meant to be used at the end of the training session. It will indicate how much an employee has grasped about the subject and what takeaways are.

But this is not it. Other features that Pro offers include:

Enhanced Training Batches:

Analyze the skills of the trainees objectively and prepare the content around it to ensure maximum output from the training process.

Customized learning assessments:

Assessments can be customized based on the training curriculum. This will enable you to assess based on what the employees have learned in the training session.

If you plan to organize a training workshop for your company, Consider exploring the opportunities with HireMee to make sure the training is carried out in an efficient way.