Campus Recruitment: 5 challenges that haunt every Organization

College Campuses are the pool of fresh and untapped talent. From future Managers to successful Entrepreneurs, you can find a variety of talented College campuses. For companies who are into Entry-level Recruitment, campuses Placements are no short of a blessing.

But wait, is it?

There are 1000s of colleges in India and lacs of students. So problems in hiring are obvious. This blog talks about all the possible problems that Recruiters face during Campus recruitment. Read it to better prepare for your next Campus Hiring schedule!

1. Limited Staff

Most of the Campus Recruitment drives have a fixed pattern. Companies visit colleges with a small team that does all the hiring. Now since the staff is outnumbered by the high number of applicants, it poses a lot of problems in managing the whole drive. Candidate engagement is a big challenge and sometimes few candidates miss to be properly notified by the company about the further process.

All this makes the process extremely slow, inefficient, and complicated.

2. Lack of proper branding

A healthy culture in any Company involves diversity and inclusivity, something which can only be possible by having Employees who can balance their work and be an effective contributor to the company at the same time. All this starts with hiring freshers because they are raw and can be trained from scratch.

But since Companies are on a time crunch, most of them aren't able to visit most colleges or even if they do so, they look to wrap up the drive fast which invites a lot of problems. Remember that how a Company conducts Campus Drives also contributes greatly to it's branding. An outdated Campus Hiring pattern can easily put your Company behind your competitors.

3. High Candidates numbers

Let's face it - in any Campus Drive, thousands of candidates will be screened. Usually, Companies visit campuses with 2-4 members. That means the staff is outnumbered while screening the candidates. Any Employee driven Company will not promote an excessive burden on any of its employee. Still, screening 1000s of candidates in a matter of 2-3 days is a big challenge. Moreover, the screening has to be done properly so that deserving candidates aren't left behind.

Establishing proper communication with thousands of candidates all at once is another demanding task to do.

4. Negative Candidate experience

As the hiring industry is candidate-driven, the first impression during Campus Drives does a majority of the work. Any candidate will prefer a company that uses modern tools in hiring than a company that uses traditional methods and a lot of time. Moreover, if a company isn't properly conducting the Campus drives, chances are they might miss out on quality talent.

5. Importance of a Resume

One important document that flips the game for any candidate is the Resume. In any Campus Drive, it is the go-to document - both for students as well as the Recruiters. Yes, things like an impressive Resume and where a student did their internship from matters a lot, a candidate is more complex than that. Companies often fail to look beyond the resume of a candidate and make hiring decisions, hence missing out on quality talent even after personally visiting the Campus.

They should have a system that emphasizes on the overall personality of the candidate and not just one document.