4 Technologies that have revolutionized Talent Acquisition

Hiring wasn't the same 10 years ago. It was all about credentials. The employees were hired entirely on the basis of their work experience, certificates, and other related things.

But today, things aren't the same. Cross skills, Overall Personality, ability to work under pressure, being a team player are few of the many things that Recruiters see in a candidate before hiring them. The plus point is, once a candidate is skilled and possesses these qualities; there wouldn't be a shortage of jobs for him in the market.

A lot is always being talked about how technology has changed the way hiring is done these days. In this blog, we will see how technology has actually reshaped talent acquisition in the hiring industry.

So let's get into it!


1. Blockchain:

The security of every Company lies in the safekeeping of HR data. Since HR is the core of any company, they manage all the records and data. So it becomes important to protect it, but how?

If you look 10 years back (and even today), Companies still use Traditional antivirus and anti-spyware programs to protect the HR Data. But it isn't enough. Considering the security threats on data these days, a more secure system was needed. Plus such antivirus and anti-spyware programs could not get most of the job done. That's where Blockchain came into the picture.

In addition to securing the systems and the data, Blockchain also provides transparency in it. Anyone who is given access to HR data can access it anytime without any hassles. Blockchain allows Recruiters to store various credentials like candidate information, training programs, and work performance data.

2. Mobile apps

Mobile Apps these days have made the lives of HR much easier. Such an app helps to make the process more efficient. Although other forms of communication like Emails, calls, etc form the crux of any Company's day-to-day work, they aren't streamlined. A mobile app can do all and more and helps to create a better communication channel. 

One task that is extensively done in any company is filling various forms. Having a mobile app will direct all the data in one place, from where it can be accessed by the HR department to analyze it.

3. Cloud Technology

Ever since cloud technology has entered the Recruitment space, it has revolutionized the way hiring is done. In the past, physical storage devices were used extensively to store data - but at a price. Thefts, manipulation of data, storage or malfunction were among the top disadvantages of storing data on physical devices. With Cloud technology, important data is kept safe and there is no issue of storage or data security as it comes with the latest security patch. Cloud technology is also cheaper, which means a lot of capital is saved in storing data.

4. Big Data

Big data gives the HR more numbers to play with, they can better analyze the candidates which translates to better hiring decisions. It takes care of all the scope of predictions in hiring and replaces it with data and numbers. This helps Companies of all sizes, but studies have shown that companies who are into Entry Level Recruitment have been most benefited from Big data. The processes are now more efficient and small Companies can see professional development over a period of time with Big Data.